Introducing Arika Kane And Her Single, “It’s There” …

“Even when we’re at the ledge, we’re standing here holding on,” serenades the American singer-songwriter over tinkling piano keys before opening her heart. Arika Kane brings that warm feeling of love in your heart with her new single, “It’s There,” ft. Brian McKnight. It’s soft, sweet and soulful.

With an R&B undertone, this track is emotive and beautiful. The collaboration between Kane and McKnight works heavenly well. Refreshingly honest, “It’s There” speaks straight from the heart and soul.

Today sees the Vevo launch of Arika Kane Ft. Brian McKnight “It’s There,” at 12:00pm EST. Check out the video for the single here:

Arika Kane and Brian McKnight

Her individuality and passion is rooted deep within the songs she’s written. She’s truly a diamond in the rough. I can’t wait to hear more from Arika Kane.